Best Dash Cams 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

We at Trusted7 have put hours of intensive research and have made a roundup of 7 unbiased and honest reviews of the best dash cams out there in the market to grab in January 2018. We assure you that any of these dash cams listed below would serve you best. Our reviews are short and to the point, it’ll only take you 3-5 mins to decide and buy.

Time is precious, lets get straight to the best 7.

7 Best Dash Cams of 2018

We have made a checklist of 4 basic features to look for when buying a Dash cam.

  • Has at least 1080p Video Resolution
  • G-force Sensor
  • Video Looping
  • Night time Footage

Here’s our top 7 list of best dash cams:

NameDisplay SizeMax SD SupportedPrice
(Editor's Choice)
3 Inches64 GBView
FALCON ZERO F360+3.5 Inches32 GBView
(Best Brand)
3 Inches64 GBView
(Editor's Choice)
2.4 Inches128 GBView
REXING V12.4 Inches128 GBView
FALCONZERO F170HD+2.7 Inches32 GBView
FRIZONE FACON ZE-00024 Inches32 GBView

1. Z-Edge Z3 3-Inch 2K Ultra Full HD


In our list, the Z-Edge Z3 is on top and we consider is the best dash cam out there because it avoids unnecessary features like Wi-Fi and GPS, making it good value for money when compared to others. Considering its HD image quality, great features like loop recording, a rear camera, easy of use, reliability, auto sensors and price, it is the most worthy to buy dash cam for many out there. Instead, it focuses on great image quality and reliable, automatic operation each time you get in your car.

Listed as #1 for a many reasons. The Z-Edge Z3 certainly ticks all the features that a dash cams should have at a very reasonable price.

Whats Makes the Z-Edge Z3 the Best Dash Cam out there?

The Zero Edge’s Z3 automatically records video in loop to utilize the storage proficiently, with the video clips that were made earlier being overwritten when achieving the storage card’s maximal limit. Custom videos of lengths 1/3/5 minutes can be made.

The Z3 dash cam is consequently turned on and recording when the motor engine starts, and naturally turned off not long after the motor is off. It consequently delays video recording after the vehicle quits moving for quite a while, and naturally continues recording when the vehicle begins to move.

G-sensor that it has is very sensitive. It automatically locks the video file when an impact or crash is recognized. You can set the sensitivity of the sensor according to your needs. It automatically turns on and starts recording when a vibration is recognized, while the vehicle is parked.

The Z-Edge z3 Records each minute in outstanding 2560 X 1080p super HD at 30 fps/sec (best resolution dash cam) – expansive 145-degree field of view (FOV)

Highlighted Features / PROS

  • Budget Friendly
  • Has a rear camera
  • Super HD Video Quality i.e 2560 X 1080p
  • Loop Recording
  • G-sensor / Accelerometer
  • Ignition Detection
  • Motion Detection
  • Crash Detection
  • Night time Footage capable
  • 64GB SD card supported
  • Easy Installation
  • Recording up to 4 Hours on 32 GB SD card
  • 145 degree Wide-angle lens
  • Video protection
  • 157″ long USB cable


  • The Button Placement could be better of the Z-Edge Z3
  • Quite a reflective ring around the lens, making it noticeable to passing-by people and vehicles, making it a target for theft.

2. Falcon Zero F360+


The Falcon Zero F360+ is the updated more advanced dash cam to the F360. It actually is a mirror dash cam, extremely easy to install over your car’s rare view mirror. F360+ Dash cam not just has a great 1080p FHD camera, it actually has two cameras; and both are 180 degree rotatable with an incredible 120 degree seeing angle to guarantee you have all points covered to record. The FalconZero F360+ has loop recording (which is among the “must-have” features of a dash cam) recording guarantees that you would never have to worry or have second thoughts about the space on your SD card.

Regarding the ease of use and the installation, the Falcon 360 just clips over your back view mirror allowing ideal viewing angles; not restricted as one would discover in a common dash cam that either sits on the dashboard. Additionally, the F360 comes ideally configured already, you should simply set the time and date.

Easy Installation, multi vehicle use, unlimited viewing angles,  built in mic and speakers makes it one of the best dash cams.

The FalconZero F360+ can fit easily over any size of rear view mirror. It has a built in mic that adds to the detail of any incident in happened in the vehicle. You just have to pop it on over your rear view mirror  So pop this on over your current back view mirror (fits any size back view mirror) and it would do the job every time you turn your vehicle on.

Considering the viewing experience through the back view mirror, majority of brands use a dull, glossy covering or coating while the F360 utilizes a genuine mirror. Additionally includes some field of view because of the expanded size.

Activate night mode to further enhance the recording at night or evening time or in dark areas. Helps in catching minor details not ordinarily observed during the dark areas or at night while driving.

Simple set up for “Two Vehicle” use, can utilize the camera in an extra vehicle, as it accompanies 2 sets of all power accessories. No need to pull out every power cable or accessory in order to get to another vehicle.

Features / PROS of Falcon Zero F360+

  • High Definition Recording
  • Dual Cam Recording
  • 2 X 120° Viewing Angles
  • Full Rear View Glass Mirror
  • Interior Night Vision
  • Loop Recording
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • 32GB SD Card along
  • 6 Amp 3 Port USB Vehicle Charger
  • Built In Speaker & Mic
  • Good Build Quality


  • In very sunny conditions, doesn’t always record crisp and clear.
  • Memory limited to 32GB (Not actually a big deal considering the Loop recording feature that it has)

3. Garmin Dash Cam 35


Garmin Dash Cams are well known for being in this market for years. Dash Cam 35 is a simple to use superior quality driving recorder with 3.0-inch LCD display. With a wide-edge focal point it catches the whole street, and incorporates GPS for nitty gritty time and area information, pinpointing precisely where and when incidents happened. You can depend upon the Garmin Dash Cam 35 to catch incredible video detail in both splendid or low-light conditions.

Very Reliable, Full HD Driving Recorder with GPS & Helpful Driver Warnings adds it to the best dash cams list

Garmin Dash Cam 35 independent HD driving recorders fill in as the observer to your drive. Wide viewing angles give amazing camera footage and crisp and clear recorded video in very bright daylight or darker low-light conditions at night. You can truly depend on the Incident Detection i.e the G-sensor, to consequently saved the recorded video footage on impact on the Micro SD Card.

The Garmin’s Dash Cam 35 includes supportive driver warning notices and also has GPS records precisely when and where incidents happened. Using the dash cam 35 you can take still pictures, from inside or outside your vehicle, to record the footage of the collision from closer.

It has the red light camera and speed camera notice, which is a decent feature. Although, it would work out of the box. It’s actually a subscription that has a cost of $29.95 per year separately, and has to be activated before using.

Apart from that, it does everything superbly. The footage quality is very good even at night and has the video looping, which actually makes it very easy to manage videos and overwrite unwanted footage. Garmin has been the best in this category and people love their products because of their quality and support.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • Red Light and Speed Cameras Warnings – Alerts you to adjacent red light cameras or speed cameras (Dash Cam 35 Only feature)
  • Forward Collision Warning – Alerts in the event that you drive excessively near the vehicle ahead (Dash Cam 35 exclusive feature).
  • Take snapshots- Allows you to take still pictures, from inside or outside your vehicle.
  • G-Sensor
  • Records at 1080p or 720p
  • Dash cam player
  • Does have GPS
  • Build quality is fantastic
  • Clear night videos
  • Looping feature
  • No navigation although it has GPS
  • Comes only with 4GB SD Card
  • US model doesn’t have sound recording
  • Design flaw – Due to placement of the socket, the garmin suction mount blocks a partial area of the lens itself.

4. Anker Roav Dash Cam

Super Crisp Video, Built in Wi-Fi, Amazing Price, the Anker Roav would surely be the best performer for most consumers’ needs.


The Anker Roav dash cam has the advanced Sony Exmor CMOS sensor which captures great details and records at 30fps. With the auto-adjustments of the Wide Dynamic Range, the Full HD 1080p footage is decently exposed to light conditions.

The built-in wifi feature is a like icing on the cake, makes you easily access the recorded videos through your phone with no cables or laptops connected. Moreover, the Anker Roav  records all 4 lanes of traffic not just the car infront of you. Thanks to the 6 lens components and streamlined imaging innovation that give a full perspective of the street/road. All that, without being any disturbance at all while driving.

Warranty: the Anker Roav has a 12-month replacement warranty.

Designed to work even in 19℉-149℉ and protect & shield the recorded footage in temperatures running from a solidifying – 20℉ to a rankling 160℉—simply stick it in your car and overlook it.

We highly recommend the Anker Roav to people looking forward to buying an easy to use, solid and the best dash cam available out there in the market.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • Best value for the price
  • Full HD 1080p Superb Quality Video Recording with the Sony Exmor Sensor
  • Wide Angle lens
  • Fits Every Car
  • Parking Monitor
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Loop Recording
  • Auto On/Off
  • Built-in Wifi for easy access to the recording without cables or PC connection
  • Extreme Temperature resistant
  • 12 Month replacement warranty
  • Supports up to 128 GB SD card
  • Nighthawk Vision technology captures 4 lanes of traffic and also Good Night video footage quality
  • Wi-Fi needs to be turned on every time you need to connect it with your phone (Not a major, but can be slightly annoying)
  • No SD Card included

5. Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera

The Rexing V1 Dash cam’s Extremely Good Compact Design, Exceptionally well FHD 1080p video recording and great customer service makes it a worthy buy


Rexing V1 dash cam records video around 5.5 hours at 1080p and around 10 hours at 720p on 32GB SD card. The WDR (wide dynamic range) works quite well, makes video crisp and clear at almost any light conditions and atmosphere. Wide angle lens i.e 170 degree is really good, it covers not only the vehicle ahead but the whole 4 lane highway i’d say and you would easily be able to read the number plates of every car captured.

The design is the biggest strength, its lightweight and compact and can easily be ignored on the windshield, like it performs in kinda stealth mode. Rexing V1 passed the high temperatures tests, 140f degree operating and 160f storage temperatures.

The G-Sensor and the loop recording are the basic features of the best dash cams, the Rexing V1 has them and they work quite well. The G-sensor if detects a collision it would automatically record and lock that footage (the locked files are stored in CARDVMOVIERO directory. Loop recording ensures video overwriting of old videos to better optimize data saved in 3, 5 or 10 minutes intervals.

The downside in my opinion is the not so great night time footage. I’m not saying that its terrible, but it literally shines in every single other department so we expected a lil bit more. Still its comparable to every other on this list.
Highlighted Features /PROS
  • Top Class 170 deg WIDE Full HD recording
  • Compact and excellent build quality
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic range)
  • Turns on and records very quickly
  • Loop Recording
  • Night time footage
  • Auto Turn on/off
  • G-Sensor
  • Able to take images with a single press of a button
  • Ability to turn off audio when not needed
  • Supports 128GB
  • Very short internal battery life (around 3 mins)
  • Night time footage is okay not great

6. FalconZero F170HD+


Composed and created out of aluminum and great materials, the F170HD+ is solid and feels sturdy.The F170HD+ fuses the most recent advancements; WDR, HDR, 6 Glass Lens, Superior Night Mode (although not so great), and Full HD 1080P conveying the most ideal dash cam video recording possible. Also the audio recording is decent – watch your language! Its comes at number 6 in our best dash cams 2018 chart.

Speed video recording, HD image capturing mode, 5 years warranty and lifetime support <3

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • FULL HD 1920×1080 Video Recording at 30 fps
  • Starts capturing as Soon as Car Moves
  • Motion Detection Recording While Parked
  • Super Wide 170 Degree Angle Recording
  • Loop Interval Recording
  • SD Card Included
  • f/2.0 aperture “Six-Glass Lens” with Night-Vision
  • WDR
  • HD Photo Capture Mode
  • Speed Recording
  • Lifetime Support (USA Only)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes SD Card
  • Not so great in-built software
  • Poor night footage
  • Not so great for Higher Temperatures
  • Very hard to remove the dash  cam off the mount
  • Status light not completely visible at day time; hard to tell if its recording or not

7. Frizone Facon Ze-0002 Full HD Dash Cam


Like every other Dash Cam in this list, the Facon Ze-0002 ticks every basic feature mandatory to be considered as the best dash cam. It has an amazing dual cameras, great wide FHD camera footage. Motion and collision sensors which auto records the event and locks it. Auto On and off feature works flawlessly on the Facon Ze-0002. Other features are listed below.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • 1080P FHD high quality resolution.
  • 170 degree wide-angle lens
  • Has a rare camera, 120 degree wide lens
  • 4.0 inch LCD
  • USB HD output
  • G-sensor
  • Motion detection
  • 24/7 parking monitoring
  • Loop recording feature
  • Delay power off function
  • Auto turn on/off
  • Easy installation
  • Great Customer Service
  • Video clarity ok not great when played on computer
  • No Good night vision.
  • No GPS
  • collision warning
  • Nothing about warranty mentioned anywhere in the box. It has to be purchased via amazon for 2 or 3 years.
  • Storage upto 32GB
  • No SD Card included
  • Due to two cameras, 32 GB SD card only able to record about 3.5 hours of footage.

Buying Guide for the Best Dash Cams in 2018?


Dash cams are becoming extremely popular over the years due to certain highly influencing reasons. There are literally a lot of dash cams out there with different set of specs and characteristics. Choosing the best dash cam can be difficult and tricky at times.

Certainly this long and highly researched best dash cams guide and review would help you pick the one suitable for your needs. These 7 reviews are based on other consumers reviews and ratings and certainly are a good start for dash cam shopping.

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