7 Best Double Strollers to Buy in 2018 – Buying Guide

Best Double Strollers Reviews 2018 Buying GuideThe life of a mother is much more than feeding and looking after kids. To be honest, becoming a mom is more like being the president of the State. You have to look after every single thing from food to clothes to the baby equipment. Interestingly, everything needs to be perfect, functional, comfortable, reasonable and above all long lasting. Baby stroller is one of the must have baby equipment every parent planning to buy since the very first day of their conception and unluckily, it topped the list of most expensive baby equipment. Though, if shopped wisely it can become the long lasting equipment which can be used in the pre-school age or for subsequent kids. That’s why it needs to be comfortable, reasonable and easy to move around on all type of surfaces.

Apart from the basic use, every individual demands for its own specific features and specification when it comes to strollers for their kids. City dwellers may demand for something that is easy to carry, lightweight and compact to carry along easily in public transportation.  While on the other hand, suburban lovers may be looking for all-terrain strollers that move effortlessly from clean roads to dirt. Similarly, some people might need for a newborn while others are looking for toddlers or may be both. So, if you are looking for both or planning to increase the number soon then buying the best double stroller is the wise choice. This way you not only save few bucks but can make your journey hassle free by pushing around the one stroller only.

7 Best Double Strollers to Buy in 2018

As the name indicates, double stroller is a pushing lightweight pram that accommodates two kids but having one handle only. This is the best choice for parents having twins or the ones having little gap in between their kids. Like the usual umbrella stroller, these are light in weight, portable and can be folded back to carry along or keep in store when not in use. Days are gone when double strollers were bulky and cumbersome. Today, markets are over-flooded with plethora of colorful, lightweight yet durable double strollers having easy assemble and dissemble features.  Basic features of the double strollers available under different names and brands are same. Some fine lines between different strollers are hard to differentiate for a common man, though every model carries its own slight uniqueness. To save your time of browsing across different websites, this article unfolds the list of 7 best double strollers available in the market these days. Just read the entire article to find the one that perfectly caters your stroller needs. Here you go.

1) Baby Jogger City Double Stroller

best double strollers for twins 2018

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This stroller makes life easier for the growing family with its versatile seating and design. You can enjoy the ease of double stroller in a more maneuverable and compact design. Its front facing, sibling facing and parent facing customizable seat make your journey pleasant and happy. It has adjustable canopy and enough storage space at the back of the seat. The only drawback is it is not suitable for jogging.


  • Each seat carries a child with up to 45lbs
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Reversible seat
  • Ample storage space on the back of the seat
  • You can adjust the seat in whatever direction you want

2) Graco DuoGlider Click Double Stroller

best double stroller with car seat safety

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If you are looking for a comfy journey for your little ones and yourself this is the thing to go for. It embrace all the essentials a family needs while on the go. It is light in weight and the rear seat is raised a bit to give a better view to the child. For a comfy and nice journey both seats are reclining, having footstep, rotating canopy and a child’s tray. Mom can keep her shopping bags and baby bag in the large storage space at the back. It also includes a parent’s tray. Best thing about Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller is it’s easy to wash. The frame also can be cleaned easily with warm water and soap. Use a drop of oil if the wheels squeak.


  • Holds children up to 40lbs
  • Lockable front wheels
  • Storage space, parent trays, cup holders
  • Adjustable canopy, footrests
  • Easy to wash and dry

3) Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

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This side-by-side stroller is amongst the highly purchased strollers available in the market so far. It is not bulky and fits perfectly through the door. It has narrow lightweight design that makes the journey hassle free for the mom.  It is almost 30 inches in depth and accommodate up to 45lbs kid per seat. This stroller offers much more like ample storage space, good looks, lockable wheels, one-hand fold, removable bumper bar, adjustable canopy and what not. This stroller topped the list because of it’s recline seats and adjustable footrest independently for each kid. It also has parking brakes, thus ensures elevated safety to the kid.


  • Carry kids up to 45lbs
  • Huge storage space, zipper pockets for wallets, cellphone and snacks
  • One-hand fold
  • Adjustable canopy and footrest
  • Parking brakes
  • Detachable bumper bar

4) ZOE XL2 Best Lightweight Travel Double Stroller

Best Lightweight Travel Double Strollers

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ZOE XL2 is an all-purpose stroller. It is durable; its aluminum frame makes it the most light weight only 9lbs stroller available in the market. The one-hand fold is easy to use and makes the mom’s hand free to access her child. ZOE XL2 comes with a snack tray, one cup holder for baby and one cup holder for mom. The canopy is large and adjustable with peek a boo window. The storage compartment is enough to hold your shopping bags, baby bags, diaper bags and other accessories. This is the best choice for travelling across the city and is easy to carry in public transports like taxis, buses and subways. You can take your baby wherever you go from quick trips to stores to the child’s school and what not.


  • Lightweight only 9lbs
  • Huge storage compartment
  • One baby cup holder, one parent cup holder, one snack tray
  • Adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • One-hand fold

5) BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie – Best Double Stroller for Jogging

Best Jogging Double Stroller 2018

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It is an all-terrain stroller manufactured under the label of BOB. It is made with state-of-the-art technology to provide perfect journey with utmost safety. The adjustable handle bar with swivel front wheel offers a perfect ride on all kinds of surfaces. Its adjustable handlebars offer 9 different positions offering a perfect grip to parents of all heights. It has 2-step folding mechanism making it convenient for storage and transportation.


  • Adjustable handlebars offering 9 different positions
  • 2-step folding
  • Large storage compartment
  • Lockable front wheels

6) Delta Children LX Umbrella Stroller

Best City Double Stroller

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This stroller is loaded with marvelous features one can expect from a high-end stroller. Let’s make your little ones journey enjoyable than ever before with this Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller. It offers superb protection against wind, rain, or sun with it large adjustable canopy. You can have this in a wide range of colors i.e. lime green, red, black and blue. It has 2 large storage compartments with a cup holder. It has a very light frame, its 360 degree shock absorbing wheels make it the best choice for bumpy surfaces. Its simple umbrella fold makes it easier to carry along.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Large adjustable canopy
  • 2 large storage compartments
  • Available in lime green, blue, black and red color
  • 360 degree shock absorbing wheels
  • Easy to fold

7) Baby Trend Sit N Stand Best Double Stroller

Best Sit N Stand Double Stroller

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If you are looking something for your toddler and few months old baby than this is the thing to go for. It is one of the extremely flexible strollers that easily accommodate your growing kid from only few days to 50 pounds. Your kid can stand or ride in this stroller without any difficulty. You can make your kids sit in the rear and front seats or a kid can stand on the rear platform as well. It has reclining seats with 5 point safety harness. Its removable rear seat converts this stroller to simple sit and stand stroller thus offering enough space to your toddler to toss and turn around. This is easy to push, its lockable wheels and the parking brakes offers marvelous safety. It has large storage basket with separate compartments and a parent tray. Best thing about this stroller is it can also accept the car seat though the car seat needs to be purchased separately.


  • Rear and front sitting seats
  • Rear standing platform
  • Large storage compartment and parent’s tray
  • Removable rear seat
  • One hand fold
  • Separate canopies for each seat


No doubt, there is no limitation to types and styles of best double strollers available in the market today. Double stroller offers various styles and one can use it for toddlers as well as twins. A double stroller has made the life much easier for working moms. They can now put their toddler and new born or the twins and can pay a quick visit to the superstore and can go attend a night party. Every single stroller mentioned above embrace its own unique quality and the best one definitely depends on the personal choice of the individual. However, keeping in view all the points the best among all is Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double. The reason behind being the most favorite is the removable rear seat that once removes makes it the traditional sit n stand stroller. Another exceptional feature is you can make your toddler stand on the rear platform and can make the little one sit on the other seat. It also has a large storage compartment enough to keep your diaper and shopping bags. Its state-of-the art technology makes it Royal Royce of the baby world. It is an all-terrain stroller and makes an ideal option for jogging and running.  Despite of only relying on the aforementioned models spare some time, read online reviews; consult with friends or family members who invest in double strollers before. Do make a few visits to the market; get an idea about the different strollers’ available, short list the one that best cater your needs and then make the final investment to avoid any regrets and doubts.

Points to consider while buying the best double stroller

No doubt, having children is the most precious gift from the creator. Though, the arrival of a kid adds on to the responsibility of the parents. A mom is on duty 24/7,  she needs to go the superstore to buy things, sometimes she has to attend a lunch, at times she needs to go out pay the bills and the list goes on. They always need a helping hand and stroller is one great helper to the parents in many ways. The aforementioned models of strollers definitely give a helping hand while buying best double strollers for your little bundle of joys. However, consider the below points while making the final decision.

Type of Double Stroller:

Double strollers are available in a wide range of designs and styles. If you want a stroller for everyday use to roam around the city streets buy a traditional one. If you are looking for a multipurpose stroller buy the one that moves smoothly on all terrains from dirt to clean roads. You can also buy the strollers that are specifically designed for jogging and running purposes.

Double stroller setup:

Before paying make sure which setup goes well with your needs. You can get tandem or side by side stroller based on your very own needs. Tandem strollers are wider and are perfect for maneuver while the later ones allow easy access of parents to the kids.


Safety is the first and foremost thing to consider while buying a double stroller for twins. Buy a stroller that offers more safety like having parking brakes, lockable wheels and seat belts to keep the kids safe from any accident or fall outs.


Carrying two kids means taking loads of supplies and snacks. Buy a stroller that has enough storage space to hold mom as well as children accessories.  Better to buy the one having snack trays, cup holders, zipper compartments for keys, cell phones and wallet.

Weight and dimensions:

Without any doubt, the latest double strollers are light in weight but before making the final purchase make sure the stroller is light in weight and is easy to carry along. Buy the one having one or two step folding mechanism and is compact enough to keep in car or carry along while traveling in public transports.

Keep in mind, buying a double stroller is a money saving step, so do not compensate price for quality. A double stroller is a onetime investment as you do not have to buy a new one on the arrival of the second baby.  Cleaning and washing of the stroller may not be an important thing to consider but paying a little attention can save a big time. Buy the one that is easy to wash and dry.

I hope you loved our effort in making the review roundup for the best double strollers that are available in the market right now.

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