7 Best Umbrella Strollers For Your Baby in 2018

Best Umbrella Strollers 2018If you are a new mommy or mommy-to-be, you must have different misconceptions regarding children accessories especially when it comes to a stroller. You must be of the view that all the strollers are same, having the same purpose. You are right to some extent; they are designed to carry the child, though keep in mind there are myriads of different sizes, type, abilities and shapes of strollers. One of the highly used and demanded one is umbrella stroller. Don’t get confused by its name, these strollers do not have any umbrella to protect the baby from rain or sun. Actually, these strollers have umbrella like handles and fold easily like an umbrella to carry along anywhere easily. An easy to fold and light weight stroller is a life saver when it comes to travelling or running errands.

7 Best Umbrella Strollers to buy in 2018

This article has rounded-up 7 best umbrella strollers for your baby to let you enjoy your mommy journey.

Umbrella Stroller NameStroller WeightPrice
Inglesina Net
(Editor's Choice)
11 lbsView
(Best Brand)
15.7 lbsView
(Editor's Choice)
14 lbsView
BRITAX 2017 B-AGILE18 lbsView

1) Inglesina Net Umbrella Stroller:

Inglesina Review

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This is the lightest stroller on board; weighing only 11lbs. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of a child’s health, the seat of this net stroller is made entirely of mesh that allows proper air circulation even if you are living in the hottest part of the sphere. The seat is wide and the 2-position recline allow pleasant nap for the little passenger. The canopy is designed with specific UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) to keep baby safe from hazardous rays of the sun. It is easy to fold, the strap at the back make it easier to carry while on the go. The canopy and seat pad is washable and removable, what else you want?


  • Mesh seat
  • UPF 50+ canopy for elevated protection against sunrays
  • Canopy and seat pad is washable and removable
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to fold
  • A shoulder strap to carry
  • Available in red, olive, black and orange color

Inglesina Net best Umbrella Stroller makes an ideal choice for the mommies who travel a lot. As it can be folded with one hand only while you have your other hand free to hold your baby or the passport. Just fold the stroller, throw the strap over the shoulder and here you go.

2) Summer Infant 3DLite Umbrella Stroller:

Summer Infact 3dlite review best umbrella strollers

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This stroller topped the list as 2nd most loved stroller of the year. It is the most convenient, feature rich and lightest stroller available in the market.  Summer Infant 3DLite Umbrella Stroller has aluminum frame that make it the lightest yet extremely durable among its competitors. It weighs less than 13 pounds and is considered the lightest available in markets so far.

The large canopy is adjustable and features a stylish pop out sun visor that blocks around 99% ultraviolet rays. There is a cup holder where you can keep baby bottle or your beverage. You can stretch out the seat to nearly flat, thus making it ideal for on-the-go nappy change or napping. Best thing about this top umbrella stroller is the large storage space where you can keep your purse, shopping bag or diaper bag. It also has a rear storage space where you can keep your cell phone and keys. The amazing feature is its lockable rear wheels and anti-shock front wheels.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Aluminum frame
  • Removable and adjustable canopy with sun visor
  • Cup holder
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
  • Storage compartments

Summer Infant 3DLite Umbrella Stroller is among the most durable, stylish and lightweight strollers. With its sturdy carry strap and easy to fold feature you can move the planet with ease. It is the perfect choice for airports or hauling through the subways.

3) Joovy Groove Ultralight Reclining Umbrella Stroller:

Jooby Groove Umbrella stroller review

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Joovey Groove has made improvement and come up with an amazing umbrella stroller that makes strolling fun and easy. It weighs 15.7lbs and is perfect as soon as your baby is 3 months old. It can bear a weight of more than 55lbs, thus making it perfect for daily use as well as quick trips.

Seat of the Joovey groove ultralight umbrella stroller is roomy and can be reclined to nearly flat position along with adjustable foot rest. Thus, is perfect for quick nappy changes and on-the-go naps. The canopy is what makes it exceptional. Canopy is extendable, offers elevated protection with its flip-out sun visor that smartly covers the entire baby seat. Moreover, it features a peek-a-boo- window that helps you in keeping an eye over your little passenger. Apart from the underneath storage basket, there are 2 mesh pockets within the seat to keep baby sippy cup, toy or snack. The canopy also embraces a zipper pocket along with a mesh beverage holder. Parents love this umbrella stroller because it is traditional, lightweight and easy to fold. The straps are designed in a way that distribute the weight evenly and didn’t create any fuss.


  • Roomy seat and adjustable footrest
  • Extendable canopy with peek-a-boo window and sun visor
  • Dual brakes
  • Reliable wheel locking system
  • Storage compartments
  • Available in red, black, charcoal and turquoise color

Joovey groove ultralight best umbrella stroller creates a more comfy and smoother ride even on bumpy roads, grass or city sidewalks. It also has dual brakes that help in safe parking at malls or sideways. It is a perfect choice for daily maneuver.

4) Baby Jogger Vue Lite – Best Umbrella Stroller

Best Umbrella Stroller Baby Jogger Review

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Another mind-blowing, feature rich and compact umbrella stroller in the market is baby jogger Vue elite. The feature that made it the most popular one is its reversible seat. It is lighter in weight; the other outstanding features include tall handles, adjustable foot rest, large canopy and roomy seat.

It weighs 14lbs and is best for flat roads, though it couldn’t handle the rougher terrains. The roomy and nearly flat seat keeps the baby happy while on the go. It has multi-position large canopy that keeps the baby protected from UVA and UVB rays. Baby jogger Vue elite stroller features a reversible seat; you just have to push the lever for changing the position of the seat. It also has a very small storage basket; you can’t keep the large diaper bags but, can store small items. The stroller rolls on strong 5 inches double EVA wheels with flip-flop breaks.


  • Reversible seat
  • Large canopy
  • EVA double wheels
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Easy to fold and carry

Baby Jogger Vue Lite is an ideal option for shopping spree mommies as the wheels are designed for flat surfaces though, failed to work on off road rides. It is easy to fold and is light to carry on the shoulder.

5) Britax 2017 B-Agile Light Weight Umbrella Stroller:

Best Britax umbrella Stroller review

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This umbrella stroller is designed keeping in mind the busy multi-tasking parents. Its aluminum frame is immensely durable yet light in weight. The quick-fold system of this stroller helps you fold the stroller within nano-seconds using one hand only. You can get the freedom to go wherever you want with this lightest, most selling and easy maneuverable stroller at peanut price.

The seat of the Britax 2017 B-Agile Light Weight Umbrella Stroller is spacious and can be reclined to make it cozy for sleepy infants. The large canopy not only protects the baby from sun but also helps in keeping him/her comfortable and cool.  Its 5-points strap-up system is adjustable for the growing children. Its 3-wheel design with front swivel wheels make it works awesome on bumps and cracks. It also has tiny turning radius that make it glide easily through thin aisle, crowds and similar other tight areas. Apart from the hefty underneath storage slot it also comes with a zipper pocket to carry all your life’s essentials.


  • Aluminum frame
  • 5-points harness
  • 3-wheel arrangement
  • Spacious storage pockets
  • Easy to fold

This lightweight, sturdy umbrella stroller by Britax is definitely a new bestie to all the mommies. From its delicate design to the storage compartments, Britax B-Agile stroller is not only classy but is exceptionally functional too.

6) Cosco Umbrella Stroller Monster Shelley:

cosco umbrella stroller review

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If you want to buy something as cute as your little one than Cosco Umbrella Stroller Monster Shelley is the thing to go for. It is not only convenient but is equally fun carrying along the malls and side rails.

This stroller steals the show with its fun design. Cosco Umbrella Stroller Monster Shelley is compact and lightweight that let you place it in your car while traveling or store in any cupboard when not needed.  The seat of this beautiful funky stroller is spacious having an adjustable foot rest. It also embrace large canopy that protects the baby from harmful rays.  It also include a 3-point, heavy duty harness that holds your baby tight while traveling over bumpy rough surfaces.  It has durable aluminum frame and is easy to tug around.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Light weight
  • Funky fun design
  • Large canopy
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • 3-point harness
  • Double breaks

Cosco Umbrella Stroller Monster Shelley won the hearts with its fun yet function rich design. Its eye-popping canopy, swivel wheels and compactly folding feature are some of the points that grab parent’s attention immediately.

7) Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller:

Kolcraft Review

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It is one of the favorites for everyday go. Its compact, lightweight and easy to fold features make it a perfect travelling partner. You will be surprised to know so many features are packed into such a smart, light weight stroller.

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller weighs only 9.5lbs and is the lightest of all the umbrella strollers available both in the markets and online. It features large, extendable canopy that provide more coverage against sun and rain. Its compact and simple one step folding makes it travel friendly. The cool-climate roll up seat allows free air circulation that not only keeps baby comfortable but provides a headrest too. This stroller is designed with spacious storage basket that beautifully grasps the little champ’s essentials. Cherry on the top is the parent cup holder.


  • 5 lbs
  • Large extendable canopy
  • One step folding
  • 3-point harness
  • Parent cup holder
  • Spacious storage compartment
  • shock-absorbing swivel wheels

Looking for something trendy yet practical, kolcraft Umbrella stroller is the thing to trust blindly. The 3-point harness and shock-absorbing swivel wheels are more than enough to keep baby secure and happy.


With so many options in the market, buying the best umbrella stroller for your little one is as difficult as purchasing a car. No doubt, after conducting an extensive research we conclude a list of 7 best umbrella strollers for you to make your purchase worth every penny. Though, it is quite difficult to say which one is “The best” of all as everyone in the list holds its own specific features. However, the needs vary from person to person, moreover how frequently the stroller is used, its duration and the type of activities plays a significant role in finalizing the stroller for your little traveler. Some of the above mentioned strollers are perfect for quick rides across the city while some are perfect for longer trips to shopping or parks. Definitely, everyone will get one for their baby no matter what specifications they are looking for. Though, our best picks of the year are Summer Infant 3DLite Umbrella and Britax 2017 B-Agile Light Weight Umbrella Stroller. Both are light weight, durable and are designed with elevated security and safety measures. Moreover, both have aluminum frames, spacious storage compartments, 5-points harness, and adjustable canopy with sun visor. It folds easily and is light in weight to carry on shoulder.

Umbrella strolls are available in plethora of designs, color and features. There must be something that will cater every taste. Just narrow down your desires and needs to hand on the right one for your growing family.

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Points to consider while buying an umbrella stroller:

Umbrella strollers travelled a long journey from flimsy ones to the sleek durable ones of today. The latest models are designed with advanced technology that made them lighter in weight, durable and stable as compared to the older ones. Though, you must have to consider few things before making the payment e.g. personal specifications, budget and the place you want it for.  To make it easier for you, consider the following points only before making the final decision.

Safety: It should be your utmost consideration. Try to buy one having 5-points harness as it keeps the baby safe from falling and moving. You must have to look at the brake mechanism for superb security purpose; your stroll must have one parking brake at least.

Purpose: You may get attracted to the funky colors, designs and styles, but you should stick to your main purpose. If you are an active mommy and go on walks and runs frequently with your baby, you must buy the one that are appropriate for all terrains. Similarly, if you are looking for something to use for flat surfaces like shopping, dining or airport then go for the one that are lightweight and are uncomplicated to fold and carry.

Weight: another important thing to consider is the weight of the umbrella stroller. Try to choose the one that is light in weight as the lighter ones are easy to push, carry upstairs and so on. Keep in mind weight of the stroller has nothing to do with the quality. Many parents are of the view that light weighted strollers are fragile and break easily.

Storage space: leaving home with a small baby means too many things to carry along. A diaper bag, coffee mug, baby bottle, mobile phone, keys, shopping bags are few of the basic essentials. So, it is immensely important to give equal value to the storage space while finalizing a baby stroller. Better to buy the one having zipper compartments and cup holder along with the underneath storage space.

Easy to fold: latest umbrella strollers are easy to fold. Some have one step folding design. It is advisable to buy the one that can be folded with one hand only. Don’t go for the ones having too many latches, buttons and bars that you forget which one to press to fold the stroller perfectly.

Budget: last but not the least point to consider is the budget. You will be surely overwhelmed by striking colors and designs as soon as you stepped in the shop. Try to stick to your budget and select the one that best fits to your budget as well as meet all your personal needs.


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