Best Cooling Mattress Pads – Ultimate Buying Guide (2018)

A perfect night sleep demands a peaceful and relatively cool environment. Everybody jump into their bed with a hope to sleep uninterrupted and luxuriously. For most of the people these expectations unluckily turns into illusions because of the hot flashes, night sweat and the uncomfortable temperature which obviously lead to groggy mornings. If you are among the victims of those sleepless nights then surely you didn’t hear about the cooling mattress pads or toppers.

These mattresses are specifically designed to ensure dry and cool nights no matter what temperature you are living in. Basically, what these mattresses do is helping you getting rid of excessive sweating and hot flashes. Moreover, they also eliminate the need for air conditions and even fans. A recent research shows that the most suitable temperature for a peaceful sleep is 600F-670F and a high quality cooling pad/topper is to keep your mattress temperature to this range.

Top 7 Picks – Best Cooling Mattress Pads

Home related items demands frequent trips to stores because customers know nothing or have minimal knowledge about these things especially cooling pads. No doubt, buying a perfect cooling pad is an intricate task, so instead of visiting the stores several times keep on reading to know about the 7 best cooling mattress pads/topper.

This research will definitely help you grabbing the best cooling pad to enjoy hassle free night’s sleep. Here you go

NameAffordabilityOur RatingsReview
(Editor's Choice)
LUCID Cooling Mattress Pad$$$9.6View
BAMBOO Topper by Red Nomad
(Best Value)
ZEN BAMBOO Pad$8.9View

1) Bamboo Mattress Pad with fitted skirt:

Bamboo mattress pad with fitted skirt topped the list of 7 best cooling mattress pads because of its exceptional bamboo blend fabric. This mattress is soft to touch and is extra lavish for cozy sleep. Bamboo fabric has extra breathing quality and the best thing is it fit mattresses with up to 18 inches depth.

To allow more air and maintain its shape Bamboo mattress pad is immaculately filled with generous amount of RevoLoft fiber filling after processing through specific engineering techniques to keep you safe from all kind of allergies and poking.

Back of the mattress is manufactured with 30% cotton and 70% polyester. The skirt of the mattress is designed with 8% spandex, 16% nylon and 76% polyester. 160 thread counts with double needle baffle box stitch hold the fill from moving around.

Moreover, the state of the art technology used in the filling of these cooling pads made them 100% hypoallergenic. Bamboo mattress pad feels as soft as clouds and is a best solution to get rid of uncomfortable sleepy nights.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • RevoLoft fiber filling
  • 160 thread counts with double needle baffle box
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A bit heavy (Well honestly, not a big deal)
  • Expensive comparatively

Bamboo mattress pad is soft and silky which makes the person feel comfortable and helps you getting aches free sleep. It is designed with extra breathable material which maintains the body temperature and helps avoiding overheating that may happen at the middle of the night. Moreover, it has a deluxe style that makes the bedroom look like a five star hotel room.

2) LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

Enjoy a cozy night with this Lucid 3” gel memory foam specifically designed with a gel that adds added softness to your foam. It is breathable, soft and is responsive to weight thus eliminates the pressure point and give an airy plush feel.

This special formula foam creates a comfy sleep surface that adjusts the body curves and creates an individualized experience. The 3 inches of the specialized gel material distributes the heat equally to prevent sweating and overheating, it is not only soft and comfortable but is breathable as well.

Thousands of evenly spaced and sized holes allow air to get through the topper to create a more comfortable environment. It is hypoallergenic as no chemicals are used in its manufacturing.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reshapes to evenly distribute body weight
  • Resistant to mites and dust
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides Way more firmness than needed

It is the best option for the people suffering from back pains. Its pressure relieving technology aids to distribute weight evenly, thus protects the pressure point and the person feel no strain.

3) Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Red Nomad:

The 3rd best cooling pad on our list is Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Red Nomad. If you want to avoid that unexpected incidents like breakfast spill or pamper leakage then it is the best thing to invest on. Red Nomed introduces the superior water and stain proof protection for your mattresses. This super cool mattress protector worth your money, it beautifully fits mattresses up to 18” tall. The protector is designed with a top notch white fabric having 100% natural bamboo with jacquard pattern all over it. It is free of vinyl, PVC, phthalates and other chemicals. It also possesses remarkable hypoallergenic properties. Advanced technology is used to keep the mattress free from bed bags, mites and bacteria that may cause allergies. Apart from being water proof it is designed in a way to keep your body cool and relaxed with its cool flow technology.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Remarkable heat regulation
  • Easily fits
  • Practically noiseless
  • Expensive comparatively

This is the best option for people looking for waterproof, dust free and durable mattress to enjoy hassle free nights. Best thing is it is soft, airy and is noiseless as well. Its super soft, breathable and light in weight properties make it grab the 3rd slot on our list.

4) Lulltra Bamboo Cooling Mattress Pad by Coop Home Goods

People who want their mattresses look fresh and neat all the time should go for Lulltra Bamboo derived Viscose Rayon Mattress Pad. You need not to worry about dust, stains or any spills as it covers your mattress from all such horrible damages. This pad is 100% waterproof and fits perfectly on all mattresses no matter what size or type you have.

Lulltra Bamboo derived Viscose Rayon Mattress Pad is designed to not only keeps your mattress clean but also keeps you at ease through the night. It is made of natural material like polyester and Rayon derived from bamboo. Its waterproof membrane allows free airflow thus making it extra breathable. It is hypoallergenic, having no vinyl PVCs or other such ingredient that may cause allergies to sensitive skin. Best thing about this protector is it is easy to wash, need no ironing and bleaching.

This mattress pad protector is the solution to all your mattress problems. Best thing about them is it works awesome on memory as well as spring mattresses, so you don’t have to buy separate for each. People love it because it is noiseless and its thermo regulating properties make you feel relax and cool at night.
Highlighted Features /PROS
  • 100% waterproof
  • Noiseless and eco-friendly
  • Easy to care for
  • A bit thicker comparatively

5) Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Topper:

Say Hi to a fresh morning with Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Topper. This superior topper is designed with premium quality material assuring durability with luxury and comfort.

It is manufactured with 100% polyester having double needle baffle box keeping the filling safe from moving here and there. The double needle also helps in creating a balanced cushiony surface. A special mixture of natural bamboo and soft microfiber helps in regulating body temperature, thus prevent heat from trapping between the mattress and the body. Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Topper has a silky soft surface with a strong elastic skirt that lay perfectly on mattresses up to 18” tall. It is easy to care for and it doesn’t demand any expensive washing and dry cleaning.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Not waterproof
Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Topper is a wonderful and affordable choice to enjoy long cozy night’s sleep. Its soft cooling bamboo blend material is enough to drive deep into the ocean of sleep without any disturbance.

6) Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Fitted Bamboo Mattress Pad:

Looking for something to keep your mattress stain and allergen free? Go for Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Fitted Bamboo Mattress Pad. Yes, you read right, it is the ultimate solution to keep your mattress free from dust, stains and allergens to enjoy wonderful night’s sleep. Its premium design keeps the mattress pristine for ages. The bamboo blend fabric with additional loft provide additional relaxing layer to your mattress.

This mattress is designed with an exceptional honeycomb baffle pattern having microfiber/bamboo blend fiber to give soft and cooling effects. It has an elastic band around its edges that assure the pad will maintain its position even with the sliding and shifting of the sleepers. It is hypoallergenic and didn’t ask for expensive cleaning.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • Microfiber/bamboo blend
  • Beautiful honeycomb baffle pattern
  • Elastic band around edges
  • Stain and allergen free
  • Not waterproof

It is the ideal choice for people who keep on changing their mattress frequently. Say bye to stained and dirty mattress with Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Fitted Bamboo Mattress Pad. Moreover, its bamboo fiber and the honeycomb pattern offers smooth and allergen free surface to get up fresh and happy every morning.

7) Overfilled Fitted Mattress Pad Cover Sold by Tekamon

This mattress pad is ultra soft and breathable. Unique thing about this pad is it fits to mattress up to 21 inches depth. It remains in its position no matter how much you turn and twist in your bed.

It is designed with latest HNN cooling technology, its soft surface is made of 300TC pure cotton. It is waterproof to some extent like 200ml of water didn’t make any difference to this pad. Its snow down fill keeps your bed temperature suitable and is more supportive and responsive to the body weight. This pad is designed in a way to keep your mattress clean as well as safe from mites, dust and other allergens, thus, protects you from stuffy nose, runny eyes and sweaty nights.

Highlighted Features /PROS
  • New HNN cooling technology
  • 300TC cotton
  • Well ventilated
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Less waterproof abilities
  • Heavy

This mattress pad is designed in a shape that makes it more supportive and soft. It is very responsive to the body and gives extra cushioning. Sleeper need not to worry about heat retention as its extra breathable and keeps you at bay from overheating at night. The quality that makes it stand out in the market is the ability to fit mattress up to 21 inches depth.


After browsing the internet and frequent trips to stores, we share with you some knowledge about best cooling mattress pads. No doubt, all the aforementioned cooling pads share similar features though all have unique differences as well. After reading customer reviews and conducting personal research, the top most favorite is Bamboo mattress pad with fitted skirt. This cooling pad holds a unique place because of its outclass technology and premium quality material. It is cloudy soft, airy and hypoallergenic. Its RevoLoft fiber filling with 160 thread counts is what maintains the pads shape even with one’s over tossing and shifting. Unique thing about this pad is its plastic skirt that fits flawlessly to mattresses up to 18” thickness. No doubt, it’s a bit pricey but its quality and functioning worth the price.

Everybody has its own choices and preferences when it comes to finalizing a cooling pad for him/herself. Though, while choosing a cooling mattress pad make sure to know about the material used in its manufacturing. The material is not only important for temperature regulation or air circulation in fact it makes a huge difference to the support and comfort level. It is immensely important to get a product that didn’t interfere with your sleep in every aspect other than giving solution to just overheating. For most of the people budget is also an important factor in cooling pad selection, but avoid compromising quality over price.


How to choose the best cooling mattress pad:

Markets are over flooded with variety of cooling pads and customers are bombarded with variety of choices that is the reason you may end-up buying one that may not fulfill your needs because of poor information. Consider the following points to buy the one that perfectly cater all your needs for a pleasant nap.

Material- the very first and foremost thing to consider is the material of the cooling pad. Material of the pad not only has a great impact on its durability but also plays an important role in its texture, breathability and overall performance. Different material used includes wool, cotton, gel and latex.

Wool is the best choice in hot months as it absorbs the heat and sweat to keep your body cool and airy. The easiest to handle option is the cotton one, but cotton made pads are not durable. The most popular are the one infused with gel or latex. You can count on gel and latex pads for more breathability and air circulation. The cooling mechanism of the latex and gel infused foam makes them the hot selling cooling pads

Cover- it is mostly overlooked while buying a cooling pad, but you will be surprised to know cover plays an important role in regulating the temperature of your bed. Make sure to buy a cooling pad with cover having less material. Thinner the cover, better will be the cooling sensation. On the other hand, pad with thick cover may hurdle airflow and results in sweaty, hot nap.

Density- the density of the cooling pads available in market so far ranges from 3-5 inches. Density plays a significant role in pad’s comfortability and cooling abilities. If you go for a denser pad, you may face heating up at night because of low airflow, while the low density pad offers proper airflow and is superb in regulating temperature.

Moreover, the low density pads feels firmer and is a best option for people facing back pains or have heavier bodies.
Firmness- it is another important factor to consider while buying a cooling pad. Thicker pads cause more sinkage means heating up as more material will be wrapped around the body. Contrary, firmer pad didn’t sink and keep the body cool because of adequate air flow between the body and the pad. Stomach sleeper should go for thinner pads while side sleeper should buy softer and thicker pads.

Customer reviews- if you want to end up with a perfect cooling pad make sure to know what people say about it. Though, people have different preferences, but to some extent it will help you in making the right decision.

Points to remember while using cooling pads:

Remember these points while using your cooling pads to clear your ambiguities if any.

As the name indicates cooling pads are designed with the aim to keep you cool. However, it is essential to know every product don’t work for every individual. Remember, the pad you choose may not cater your need the way you want it to. Keep a simple thing in mind, if you have burn, muscle pain or headache and you make use of icepack or ice to get rid of the pain. These solutions don’t come up with same result every time depending on the severity of the pain or burn. This is the exact mechanism you have to expect from the cooling pads.

Try to buy a pad that has a cover, so any kind of accidents or spill wouldn’t hurt your cooling pad. This way you can enjoy the ease of having your breakfast or dinner in bed.

Moreover, buy the pad that is easy to handle. It is more economical to buy a pad that can be cleaned in washing machine easily instead of the one that need special laundry system to clean or disinfect. This way you will not worry about any harm that may leads to irritation, poking or allergies if it busts or break.

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